Wetherby 4 Seasons Silicone Render

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  • Cures up-to 95% humidity & is Self Cleaning
  • Excellent Resistance to algae and Mould
  • Very Hydrophobic, Breathable and Vapour-permeable
  • UV Stable & Available in Hundreds of Colours.

Which silicone render is right for which season? This question is irrelevant thanks to Wetherby’s New 4 Seasons Silicone render. It’s the right choice all year round. Regardless of whether it’s a hot and humid summer or a wet Autumn day, Wetherby’s 4 Seasons is particularly effective with difficult unpredictable weather conditions.

Sold in a 25kg tub covering approximately 10m2.



Wetherby 4 Seasons can be applied at an ambient surface temperature of +1°C up to 30°C and up to 95% humidity.  As a result, it can be used 55 more days on average per year.  Making building sites easier to plan,  massively reducing how long scaffolding is required.  Productivity can be considerably increased during the cold wet or unpredictable weather conditions.  With over 380 colours available Our 4 Seasons range is a safe choice.

Our Render comes in an attractive 1.5mm gain size, it is ready to use and does not require any other additives saving time,  there is no danger of incorrect mixing quantity and no need for drying accelerators. Simply pop the lid and go.

Rain can damage the render quickly. Wetherby 4 Seasons has rain off technology and is rain resistant after just 16-24 hours.

We recommend K+A Adhesive is used with this product. Sold in a 25kg Tub with a coverage rate of approximately 10m2.

Many more colours are available to order please use or sample service for a bespoke selection. For further details ring 0800 197 8821 or click here for a preview.

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