Wetherby BF Dash Receiver

£9.95 Ex VAT

  • 3 Attractive colours
  • Excellent background base for all our dry dash aggregate range
  • Breathable & vapour permeable
  • Water resistant & Good adhesion
  • Hard Wearing & Long Lasting

Wetherby's Dash Receiver is polymer modified and through coloured.  It provides an attractive adhering base for your choice of decorative aggregate,  enhancing the finish.  Wetherby's Dash Receiver also provides excellent impact resistance.

Sold in 25kg bags covering approximately 2m2 per bag.




Wetherby’s dry dash (pebble dash) gives a fresh, hard-wearing, waterproof finish. The final aesthetic appearance of any home can vary enormously depending on the colour of the dash receiver chosen in conjunction with our exclusive complimentary aggregate choices.

Wetherby’s dry dash finish can be used on full elevations or can be used together with any of the other finish, such as brick slips acrylic or silicone render.

Dry dash is ideal for use on both render only walls or onto our thermal board as a low maintenance final finish for your external wall décor.

We recommend BF Scrim Adhesive is used under this product..

Wetherby BF Dash Receiver should be mixed on site with water in the ratio of approximately 4 parts Powder to 1 part water by weight, mixing with a high speed paddle mixer for 3 – 5 minutes. Allow the material to stand for 10 minutes, remix again activating the cellulose within the polymers and use. Mix only enough material for immediate use, apply 8 to 10mm thick.

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BF Dash Receiver

Cream, White, Salmon Pink