Wetherby Biocidal Wash

£33.39 Ex VAT

  • Kills algae, mould and lichen (approx 1 year)
  • Leaves residual protection
  • No rinsing required
  • Environmentally friendly option

Use before you install your thermal boards to ensure all mould and lichen is removed.

Wetherby Biocidal Wash is a highly effective biological solution which effectively removes algae, mould and lichen.

Wetherby’s Biocidal Wash is suitable for a range of substrate materials including: Brick, tile, concrete, stone and cladding, as well as silicone, acrylic, mineral and polymer modified render finishes.

Sold in 5Litre tubs with coverage of roughly  500m2. Dilution rate 9:1

Part Code 1200027


Wetherby Biocidal Wash is an environmentally friendly cleaning solutions, safe to plants, animals and humans.

Apply using brush, roller or sprayer. Please note that the substrate must be completely dry before application.