Wetherby Enhanced EPS Insulation Board

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  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Great value

Graphite Reflective Expanded Polystyrene Insulation Boards are easy to cut making them very user friendly, they propose no on site issues whilst containing great thermal insulating properties.  They are lightweight,  great value for money and safe to use, making this board a great choice for your insulation needs.

A 600mm by 1200mm board covering 0.72m2




Wetherby Enhanced EPS is rot-proof and durable, they will remain thermal efficient for the life of the building ensuring an effective thermal envelope for years to come.  The recommended fixing methods will retain the boards permanently in position. Graphite Reflective are added to this EPS to increase its thermal insulation properties.  It lightweight and user friendly making it easy to handle & install.

Wetherby Enhanced EPS Insulation Board comprises of expanded beads of polystyrene that incorporate a graphite component, fused together in a pressurised steam-heated mould. The addition of graphite provides a significantly improved thermal insulation material.

Wetherby Enhanced EPS Insulation Board is produced to the requirements of ‘BS EN 13163 Thermal Insulation Products for Buildings – Factory Made Products of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS)’ specification

Wetherby Enhanced EPS Insulation Board have a low Thermal conductivity: 0.032W/mK

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