Wetherby Render Protector

£103.07 Ex VAT

Wetherby’s Render Protector is an ideal solution for protecting homes located in polluted and damp areas or buildings situated in highly exposed settings or near woodland. These type of homes can often be more susceptible to staining and mould growth. Protect your home for a fraction of the cost using our Aspira Render Protector.

Wetherby’s Render Protector is vapour permeable, allowing the system to breathe whilst producing a highly water resistant surface, creating a dry environment algae cannot survive on. The properties also conduct away any static, reducing dirt attraction to the surface.

Application Guide

Before and After

Part Code 1200025


Wetherby Render Protector is environmentally friendly.

Apply using brush, roller or sprayer. Please note that the substrate must be completely dry before application.

Coating the render with Aspira before the problem occurs is a much cheaper and more effective solution. The protection makes the render much less attractive for the bacteria to grow and prevents the problem at source

sold in 5ltr tubs covering roughly 50m2, only 1 coat is needed.