Wetherby TKR Metal Substrate Fixing

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BISF properties are renowned for being thermally inefficient with heat rapidly escaping through the poorly insulated walls, especially on the upper floors which are constructed from corrugated steel panels. External insulation is a real benefit to this type of property.

Our TKR Screw with TIT Cap are an excellent fixing choice to install your external thermal insulation boards.

5 per board covering approximately 8/9 fixings per m2



They are Quick and easy to install using a Phillips screwdriver achieving a minimum 30mm embedment

Our TKR fixing screw come incorporated with a TIT cap and together provide the perfect solution to fix your external thermal insulation boards.

When Fixing our rigid insulation board onto ANY substrate Wetherby always recommend you conduct a pull out test to ensure your fixing anchor is suitable. Further information is available from our technical team.

Sold in Boxes of 100 in various sizes.  We recommend using 5 per board with fixings at 300 centres around windows and doors creating an approximate coverage rate of 8/9 per m2. If unsure please speak to our technical team 0800 1073299.  Further information can be found here Fixing arrangement.

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TKR Metal Substrate

Fixes a 20mm Board, Fixes a 30mm Board, Fixes a 40mm board, Fixes a 50mm Board, Fixes a 60mm Board, Fixes a 70mm Board, Fixes a 80mm Board, Fixes a 90mm Board, Fixes a 100mm Board, Fixes a 110mm Board, Fixes a 120mm Board