Wetherby Dry Dash Aggregate

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  • Wide Range
  • High Quality & Double Washed

With our wide range of Dashing Aggregate choices you will be able to create a unique style suitable for your home.

Our dashing aggregates are thrown onto our BF Dash Receiver in an upward motion allowing it to stick and create a desired decorative effect of your choice.

Sold in 25kg bags covering approximately 2.5m2 per bag.



Our decorative aggregate come in a graded size of 3-8mm. Not all aggregate is the same.  Wetherby source and use only high-quality materials like buff quartz, white Calcined flint, marble and granite aggregates to achieve a vibrant colour mix. Wetherby aggregate is double washed to achieve an excellent low maintenance finish, resulting in an excellent quality product to finish your home’s exterior façade.

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Dashing Aggregate

Ashton Cream, BarleyCorn, Beige & Red Cameo, Buff Quartz, Calcined Flint, Harvest, Snowdrop, Black Ice, Brampton, Derwent, Eden, Farnley, Ingleton, Malham, Roath, Classic, Black & White, Polar White, Red & White, Fawley, Beige Marble, Glenmore Quartz, Seville, Pembroke