Wetherby PCGS Corner Bead 17N

£4.19 Ex VAT

Wetherby Heavy Duty White Powder Coated Galvanised Steel Corner Beads are used on our Dry Dashing Aggregate Decorative Ranges.

Provided with a white PVC nosing as standard which will provide additional protection against abrasion and corrosion as well as provide a clean astatically pleasing finish to your corner or reveal.

Sold individually at 2.5mtr Lengths


Wetherby 45mm winged Corner beads are used at the corners and window reveals of your home. Our corner bead profiles are manufactured from powder coated galvanised steel, with the addition of a white PVC nose giving added protection and a clean crisp finish to your overall façade appearance.

Initially held in place with fir tree fixings prior to full bed install into the basecoat, our corner beads ensure a flush clean crisp edge to your façade that will protect corners against damage ensuring a clean tidy edge for years to come.

Sold individually at 2.5mtr Lengths Part Code 900038