Wetherby PCGS Movement Bead 80/80

£7.01 Ex VAT

Wetherby Heavy Duty White Powder Coated Galvanised Steel Movement Beads are used on our Dry Dashing Aggregate Decorative Ranges.  Provided with a white PVC internal flex that will provide additional protection against the elements whilst allowing the façade to flex and move.

Sold individually at 3.0 mtr lengths


Wetherby 10mm Movement beads are designed to handle thermal movements and recommended an facades longer than 6 meters. Our movement beads are manufactured from powder coated galvanised steel, with the addition of a white PVC flex inside the movement joint giving added protection and a clean crisp finish to your overall façade appearance.

Initially held in place with fir tree fixings (or hit fixings if render only) prior to full bed install into the basecoat, our movement beads are a clean crisp detail and an excellent choice whenever a movement joint is necessary.

Sold individually at 3.0 mtr lengths Part Code 900107