Wetherby Window Protection

£21.71 Ex VAT

Wetherby Window Protection Keeps windows protected from render.

Sold at 625mm width x 25 metre length 15.6m² a roll.


Make cleaning easier by using Wetherby Window Protection.  Wetherby Window Protect is a 100% waterproof, high-quality self-adhesive film designed specifically for the protection of windows, glazed panels and window frames which are often susceptible to scratches and damage during EWI instalation.

The lightweight rolls are forward wound (adhesive side is on the inside and therefore not exposed to dirt) which makes the rolls suitable for application by hand with ease. The low tack adhesive backing adheres to most glass surfaces without any tape required and will stay securely in place once applied.

After use, simply peel away, Wetherby Window Protect will not leave any residue which can be a problem with some poor quality films.